5 Alternative Nursing Jobs To Consider'

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When pursuing a job as a nurse, it’s worth considering all the different types of nursing positions out there. Some can offer the opportunity to work in exciting environments that you may not have considered. For many people with nursing experience, they could even be a chance to spice up your career by applying your skills to a new more exciting setting. This post lists 5 examples of alternative nursing jobs to consider. 

Travel nurse

Travel nurses take up temporary positions in hospitals and clinics around the country. Working as a travel nurse is a great chance to build a wealth of work experience and see different parts of the country. In some cases, you will get accommodation paid for, as well as other perks. You will however need to be willing to regularly adjust to new settings - which could include different departments. You can find travel RN job openings through specialist online agencies. Having a couple years prior experience as a nurse is usually necessary in order to become a travel nurse. 

Military nurse

Military nurses work alongside the armed forces. It is their duty to look after the health of armed forces personnel - which could include treating injuries and various illnesses. Military nurses must undergo armed forces training alongside obtaining a regular nursing degree. You could be based in some exciting places around the world. Of course, this could include some very challenging places too including active war zones. Make sure that you are up for this challenge and willing to do service for your country. 

Cruise ship nurse

Cruise ships often need a team of nurses to attend to any injured or ill crew or passengers. Working on a cruise ship can be challenging but exciting - you’ll likely deal with a variety of incidents, but you also get to enjoy your days off enjoying the cruise ship amenities. To get a nursing job on a cruise ship, you often need to apply directly through a cruise company. Having nursing experience in a hospital setting is often necessary before you can work on a cruise ship. 

School nurse

Some schools have their own personal nurse who is in charge of treating injuries and helping students deal with chronic illnesses, among other healthcare duties. School nurses may also teach lessons in some cases regarding things like first aid, as well as guiding teens through various important health checks. You’ll usually need a BSN to become a school nurse (although some employers allow a ADN). Schools will usually advertise these positions online. 

Telemedicine nurse

More hospitals and clinics are embracing telemedicine. This involves using phone calls and video calls to consult patients and offer care. A benefit of being a telemedicine nurse is that you may be able to work from home. This makes it ideal for nurses that want to spend more time with family. You’ll still need a regular nursing degree to get into this field. Vacancies can be found online through nursing agencies and specialist telemedicine career sites.

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