Sponsored Post Basic Invite Getting into the Holiday Spirit

It's coming up on the holiday season and when we think of the holidays we think of sending out Merry Christmas Cards and New Year's cards. At least that's what I think about and when I think about sending our cards out I think about the company basic invite they have more than just cards they also have party invitations, baby shower invites, wedding announcements, however, this time of year is the perfect time to go to their site and check them out. Basic Invite has almost unlimited colors you can turn any card into your own unique creation.

Basic invite allows customers to change color options and preview online before ordering. When you do select a color and design you can go in and change each element of the card. There are over 180 colors to choose from and you can make your card exactly the way you want it. That's what sets this company apart from other companies out there.

They have holiday party invitation that are great for this time of year as well. If you're throwing a party for co-workers, family, friends really anyone they are the perfect addition to your holiday planning. 

Basic invite also has custom samples where you can go in and pick exactly what design and colors you want and then you could have a sample sent out to you so you can see exactly how it is before you order them in bulk. You can see the paper quality, and the exact design and be able to tell if all the colors match up with what you picked online.

They also have over 40 different colors of envelopes which are really unique this is how you can make your card different than others. And with happy holiday cards, you can match the envelope up with the designs and colors you pick from. All these envelopes are peel and seal which I know coming from me that is an amazing feature. I do not like licking envelopes.

They have also added an amazing feature called address capturing service this service offers an address captioning where customers can share a link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media to request their friends and families addresses these addresses are stored in the customers account and can be so I did during the design process. And you can even choose foil cards everything from gold, silver, and rose gold. Now that's a great combination.

Right now basic invite is offering 15% off with the coupon code 15FF51

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