Desk Pad for Office Home Leather Waterproof Large Desk Writing Mat Review

Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself

This large desktop leather writing mat is really versatile you can use it for surfing the Internet, or writing down stuff using it for typing, office use and home use. It is 33" x 14" and is ultra-thin and not bulky it's great to use your mouse on as well it glides right across the mat. It is also spell proof so if you drop something or liquid gets on the map it is able to wipe up really easily.

My husband is actually using this for his keyboard and mouse for his computer and he really loves how his mouse glides across this map. You don't even need a mouse pad at all. This man is also an anti-scratch and it's great against heat and scuffs it protects your whole desktop.

It's great for gamers, people working from home, take to work, it is just very spacious and great this would be amazing as a Christmas gift as well. I really love it but my husband likes it as well so I gave it to him just for now. It protects tables, glass tops, and so many surfaces.

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