Amazing Options for Women's Hair by Lily Hair

Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

I wanted to tell you about Lily Hair what exactly is Lily hair has hair extensions, wigs, toppers, and so much more. For hair toppers they have a Swiss lace, Mono top, and Silk base. The hair toppers are really great to disguise hair loss but also add fullness and they are made from 100% human hair. I know right now I am dealing with some slight hair loss that is hereditary my mom had it as well as my sisters. So I know this is a great product that I would definitely consider. These are designed to conceal hair loss during the various stages when you do choose a hair topper you will want to resort back to this website to tell you which hair topper will be right for you.

The Swiss lace wigs are undetectable, natural, and comfortable. These are 100% Swiss Lace which is soft and thin and fragile. These blend with your own skin town so they are perfectly undetectable and are not noticed. You can choose the right type of Swiss lace for you they have a guide on their site.

Another item is the mono top this is breathable, comfortable, and has multi-directional styling which is really nice and different from others. The mono tops are transparent mesh fabric that can be easily blended with your scalp.  You can choose different tops and measurements for the mono toppings.

Silk base is flawless, lightweight strong and durable, and has good ventilation. Swiss base is more comfortable and softer than the Swiss base or the mono top. These look super comfortable and as well as the other ones you can pick what type of base do you want with different measurements of your choosing. Also on lily hair, they have wigs in different designs and styles. Are you looking for the pixie look, shag look, bob, wavy/curly, layered or maybe even straight.

Also, they have hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, micro ring hair extensions, halo and flip in hair extensions, pre-bonded hair extensions, Indiana ring hair extensions, and so much more.

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