Unicorn Star Projector Nightlight for Girls Review

Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

I was super excited whenever I received this unicorn a projector nightlight. Right now every little girl is loving unicorns and this is the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for any little girl out there. This special unicorn light when turning on flashes it lights on the wall and ceiling. It is so soft and comfortable so perfect for snuggling with as well. Your kids will definitely be able to fall asleep with these stars that are projected by this unicorn. This is a battery powered projector and that will need three AAA batteries it has an auto turn off of about 50 minutes.

This projector also has a moon and unicorn shape around the stars as well so it will even project a little unicorn on your wall or ceiling. No worrying about this hurting your kids because it is very soft. No need to look everywhere for the battery pack just unzip the stomach of the unicorn and take out the battery pack to reload it and unload the batteries.

Besides this unicorn helping your little one out it will also help your parents out this is sure to distract your little one when they're going to sleep at night and a bonus it is like a mini night light for them! Perfect for little girls ages 2 and up. It also has cute colorful wings.

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