Screamageddon Review and Overview 2018

Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

Back for the third year and a row Screamageddon 2018 did not disappoint I really enjoyed our visit and enjoyed all the attractions. We went through and visited most of the attractions I believe there was only one that we didn't go through and that was because the line was really long. When we first got there everyone was excited to take pictures and get them a drink. Then the fun started they had different characters walking around the park scaring you. Some of the attractions are rage 3-D, demons revenge, zombie paintball assault, black pool prison, deadwoods, and infected Ground Zero. They also have the monster midway where you can purchase food, play games, and get drinks alcoholic and nonalcoholic.

Some of the attractions we went through were the deadwoods now this one we went through last year as well. To me this year was a little different and not as exciting. I remember last year they chase you around with chainsaws and that was exciting. I do want to say the area was lighted pretty well because you are in the woods but the path they have you going along is pretty smooth where you're going to be able to see where you're going. You go through a few houses where there are people inside to scare you that part I really liked.

The next attraction we went through was the blackpool prison this one they take you through this house where there is different jail cells and if you wear the glow in the dark necklace they can pull you away from your party. You have the choice take one of these necklaces or not. I chose not to but someone in my party grabbed one and got pulled away but then ended up with us at a different part of the attraction. This one was nice about the same as last year they have people pop out and scare you which you're not expecting so you didn't get startled.

The next one we went to was the demons revenge this one is new for 2018 and I have to say they definitely need to keep this one we absolutely loved it. My favorite part was in the middle of their attraction when you're walking through this room there is a whole bunch of bodies hanging from the ceiling with ropes with the strobe lights and everything it messes with your mind and you don't know what's real and what's not. I absolutely love this and others with me loved it as well. This is one attraction they definitely need to keep for next year and add to it. This one was a winner in my book.

The next one we did was rage 3-D this one they had last year I am not sure why they said it was new but you put on glasses 3-D glasses and go through this building that kind of looks like a club everything is in neon colors and black lights. Regardless knew or not I love this one as well you go through and everything pops out at you. Last year they had people dress up the same colors as the walls so you didn't know someone was there they blended in with the scenery. This year was a little different they had different attractions inside the building to go through. Something new they had was the bubble wall where you basically walk-through and it's like bubbles on your side not sure how else to explain that one. You also go through this tunnel that spins around and makes you feel like you're going to fall which I loved that one as well. They definitely need to keep this one for next year as well and build on it.

The zombie paintball one was new for this year we didn't go to this attraction. The reason we didn't go to this attraction is that it requires a separate ticket you have to pay extra for doing the zombie paintball. You get 100 paintballs for $9.95 or you can get 200 paintballs for $14.95 or you can get 300 paintballs for $19.95.

And last but not least it was that infected ground zero this is the one that we didn't go in because of the line being so. I've been in this attraction previous years and really liked it you basically walk through the house and they show people laying down on the bed and have people popping out at you and scaring you.

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