Incredibles 2 Review

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My kids are absolutely loving Disney's Pixar Incredibles 2 my daughter says she enjoys the Incredibles 2 more than the first movie. She said there are more characters in this movie and it keeps you on your toes. Everyone's favorite superfamily is back in Disney Pixar's incredible two. How long till they campaign to bring supers back of home life with the kids.

The superhero relocation program shut down, Tony's memories of violets are erased unbeknownst to her Dash is struggling in school and Mr. incredible is overwhelmed by parental duties and Jack Jack's powers are out of control.

We were really excited to watch this movie and we were not disappointed. In Incredibles 2 Helen is called on to lead a campaign to bring supers back while bob navigates the day today heroics of a normal life at home with Violet – and baby Jack-Jack who's superpowers are about to be discovered.

We are hoping there will be a third movie the kids really enjoyed watching this and are really excited to tell everyone what it's about.

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