AMI Clubwear October Clothing Review

Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

I am so excited to tell you about the selection I have chosen for AMI clubwear for the month of October. It's getting to be that time again we all know of. Fall and winter time who doesn't love this time of year I know I am absolutely loving this time of year but because of where we're at it doesn't get freezing cold just cold enough. So a few of the items I was able to review was there sexy white denim distressed mid-rise stretchy skinny jeans, sexy Olive long sleeves casual jacket, sexy camel long sleeve hoodie shaggy fabric, and last but not least cute gray two-piece outfit crop top short casual set.

The first item I want to tell you about is their sexy white denim distressed mid-rise stretchy skinny jeans for $39.99 but right now you can get them for $7.99 I choose the size medium I am about 5"4 1/2 and 125 pounds. I could barely get these jeans over my hips I was so disappointed not because they didn't fit but I should've chosen a bigger size however they did fit my nine-year-old daughter. Now keep in mind she's bigger than the average nine-year-old. So my main issue for not getting these to fit me is my hips there are a little bit bigger than normal. If I could I would get these in a bigger size because I love the style next time I would've chosen a large. My daughter absolutely loves these Jeans she has been talking about wanting a pair of ripped jeans for a long time. And they fit her absolutely perfect I'm glad she was able to wear them if I wasn't able to. I am loving the material this is made out of really stretchy right now this is available and a small make sure to put your email in to see when the other sizes become available.

Next is the Sexy Olive long Sleeves Casual Jacket perfect for the upcoming season, of course, we're talking about fall and winter time and I am absolutely loving this color. It's more of an army green I love the color and the inside is amazing. I want to tell you how super soft this is and a really warm. It is getting to be cold where we live and I'm loving it. This jacket fits really amazing it's not supposed to be really big it's supposed to fit more to your body and that is exactly what it does. The sleeves don't come all the way down to your wrists but that's ok with this jacket you can roll the sleeves up and show your bracelets or watch. This jacket retails for $44.99 but right now you can get it for $12.99 and right now they are out of stock but if you put your email in you can get alerts when your size becomes available. It goes down to about your hip area which is the perfect place for me in my opinion. This jacket is made of canvas fabric and faux fur in the inside lining and is 100% polyester.

The next item is this sexy camel long sleeve hoodie shaggy fabric outerwear I am actually really loving the shaggy part of this hoodie. You can pair it up and wear boots with it or you could even wear leggings as well. Whatever you choose the pair this with you will definitely stay warm and the inside lining is made of 100% polyester and also has buttons for a front closure. Right now this hoodie is available in large, 2x, and 3x it retails for $44.99 but right now you can get it for $20.25. This camel color is the perfect color for fall time. 

And last but not least is this cute gray two-piece outfit crop top and shorts casual set this set is absolutely gorgeous. I wasn't sure at first because I didn't know for sure about this outfit because I didn't want my belly to be showing but I have to tell you this outfit is probably one of my favorites. The shorts and top are super comfortable and I am loving the gray color I don't really have anything in gray so this was super cute. You can wear this top two different ways you can have it hanging off both your shoulders or you can just wear it over your shoulders. In the pictures that I took, I wore it over the shoulders however I think that if I wore it hanging off my shoulders it would've covered a lot more. But this outfit still covered my belly regardless. This outfit retails for $24.99 however right now you can get it for $11.25. Right now all the sizes are out of stock but if you put your email in the email you right away when your size but comes available. This outfit is made of a 95% polyester and 5% spandex. The material is so soft against my skin.

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