Holiday Gift Guide Hoverfly Gotrax Hoverboard Mars Red Review

Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

Super excited to say we got a Hoverfly Gotrax Hoverboard for the Holiday Season this is such an amazing product and works to our standards. Since this is obviously a gift for the kids which I absolutely know they are going to adore and more than likely fight over "Hoping they don't" We had to be the testers. I've always wanted to try one of these but kinda scared just because I'm not exactly a spring chicken. These are amazing and know the kids will love we received this one in the mars red color. 

I would also recommend wearing a helmet. This has UL Certified Safety features and has new cosmic colors and a very easy learning system. This one right now is retailing for $179.99 that is a savings of $19.00 pretty good if I do say so.

These also come in neptune blue, pulsar pink, planetary purple, and of course mars red what we have which my son is going to love it's his favorite color. And today they are going on sale and now they will be $157.00 you definitely need to take a chance on that it's an amazing deal.  


Some other sales are below to take advantage of.

GOTRAXGLIDER10 - $10 off a GLIDER / Helmet Bundle

GOTRAXGLIDER20 - $20 off a GLIDER / Helmet / Warranty Bundle

ALLIN30 - $30 off GLIDER, Hoverboard, Helmet, Warranty 

GIMMEWARRANTY - $10 off a warranty

SAFETYFIRST - $5 off a helmet for existing customers


  1. It is cool to ask for hoverboards since it is nice to enjoy while drone can get later for next holiday :)

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