Colortime Crafts and Markers Glow in the Dark Halloween Tote Review

I was so excited to get the color time crafts and markers glow-in-the-dark Halloween Tote this specifically was for either kid, however, I wanted to be the one to color it they've had plenty of times where their color things so it was mommy's turn to be creative. I absolutely love the coloring was very relaxing and therapeutic. So they gave three fabric markers in the colors purple, green, and orange. I have finished most of the bag so next year I will figure out who gets the tote. By running a contest.

This Halloween tote shows off your creative side and on top of that glows in the dark too. What kid wouldn't love that I know I would have one I was younger. On this bag is says trick or treat and has different little pictures along the words. You make these pictures creative for you. You color them whatever colors you want.

I think next year I will run a little contest between the kids and whoever the winner is will get this tote to carry around next year to collect their candy. Why not make it fun for them. Just make sure to remember when decorating this bag put a piece of cardboard in between the pieces so the markers don't bleed through. And then you have your masterpiece.

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