10 Tips to have your shopping list ready for the Holidays

10 Tips to follow when preparing for the Holiday's that will make it simple for you in the long run. With Christmas coming it's a very stressful time to get ready for the season. But there are somethings that will make it easier for you, in the long run, to do that will help. ad-hoc reporting

First I would suggest Plan Ahead: It's so much easier to plan ahead and get started early for me honestly I feel the sooner the better whether you're preparing to shop for others or if your shopping to prepare meals for the Holiday season. It's always best to plan ahead even if it doesn't make sense now it will and it will be well worth it in the long run.

Second: Make Lists this is something I do not even for the Holidays but I do this all the time. If you want to make your life easier and your holiday simple make lists everything from what you need to buy presents, foods,
invites, Christmas cards, and so many other things. They even make planners now for different holiday seasons they do have Christmas ones out there as well.

Third: Know what you're going for which goes along with making lists but if you don't know what you're going for your going to get really confused and just pick up random stuff that you may not even need. So I would suggest sitting down and thinking about the people you're buying for and pick exactly what you think that they would want instead of just going and picking up random stuff. self-service reporting

Fourth: Shop around and find good sales. If you shop ahead and know what is going for places that have sales you are going to save money, in the long run, this is something I would highly recommend especially around this time of year when they have so many sales available. Find newspapers, ads, look online for different sales in your area. Maybe even go black Friday shopping I know that is debatable because of all the people that go out that night but you can get really good deals

Fifth: Plan a budget sit down and know exactly how much you want to spend and how much you want to spend on everyone you're getting for. This can be a little difficult if you have a big family or maybe that won't be the case but it is good to budget and know how much you want to spend and kind of stick to that price.

Sixth: Get shopping done early in the year for me I always like to start early and I tell myself I'm going to start early but sometimes I don't start as early as I want to. This will help out a ton just buy stuff throughout the year and set it aside for Christmas morning this will help you out so much with saving money and having to buy stuff in bulk. Instead of buying stuff individually and just putting them away. Me myself I'm going to try to get better at doing this because it has helped out in years past.

Seventh: Buy more than one thing if you're out and about and you come upon a really good deal on things like mugs, candles, different types of food baskets. Stock up on these. There will always be that someone that didn't get a gift or someone you have forgotten about and getting multiples of more than one thing you are sure to have a gift for everyone. This is something that actually happened to me one year. And I forgot about someone but luckily picking up more than one thing it was oK and I highly suggest and recommend this.

Eighth: Take advantage of all the online companies that offer free shipping. You may not think of this as much but it can really add up in the end if you pay for shipping on everything you get online. So whenever you see a company offering free shipping around the holidays take advantage of this.

Ninth: Avoid using credit cards sure it sounds like a good idea to use your credit card to spend money on gifts for others, however, in the end, you are going to be paying it back and more with interest. Set aside some money from every paycheck and put it in an envelope and put that away so that way whenever you go to do your shopping you can pull out the money instead of pulling out your credit card and spending more just on interest. This is probably one of the best tips I can give because it will save you money in the long run.

Tenth: And last but not least don't buy for the whole family get a bowl and put everyone's name in it and draw names and you get a gift for that person. You don't have to buy a gift for everyone and spend all that money. When it is just as fun to get a gift for one family member just as much as you would be getting gifts from everybody. Or do a white elephant exchange that's always fun too.

I hope you like all these tips and can take some with you and make them work. Hope everyone has a safe Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!!

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