Holiday Gift Guide Hammacher Schlemmer S'more Maker/Grill Pan

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I am so in love with this Hammacher Schlemmer S'mores Maker this S'mores maker it is the coolest thing ever. The kids have been really enjoying making S'mores on the weekends and me and my husband have too. This S'more maker is a very cool it is like a little stand-up stove top you know the old-school ones. And then over that, you put a cover that has an opening in the middle. That opening is for you to toast your marshmallows over. You have to toast your marshmallows one at a time. They toast pretty fast but you have to rotate them once you start seeing smoke and be ready because they melt pretty fast. Just slap it between two graham crackers and chocolate and there you have it you're perfect S'more. It retails for $69.95.

This S'more maker would be perfect for a party or get together with family and friends. I plan on using this for my daughter's ninth birthday I think we're gonna make S'mores but with a twist. Her birthday will be unicorns so I figured we could get blue, pink, green chocolate melts and use them instead of the regular Hershey's chocolate to make S'mores. I really do love this Smore maker and highly recommend it if you are to get some Marshmallow on the cover it's easily cleaned off. Also, the stand around it is very accommodating and just put your crackers, chocolate, marshmallows in the different sections. This is also very easy to clean.

The next item I was able to review by Hammacher Schlemmer Scratch Proof Non-Stick Grill Pan this pan is really great for making Panini sandwiches or grilling up some burgers so far I have used it for grilled cheese. And I have to tell you this grilled cheese turned out amazing I love how I have the marks on the bread to mimic panini sandwich which is really nice and I can't wait to use it this coming up winter for different recipes especially burgers and steaks.

Would highly recommend this pan to anyone and it retails for only $29.95. It would be an amazing Christmas present for anybody out there that loves to cook.

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