Parateck Adjustable Neoprene Wrist Brace Support (Black) Review

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I was so excited when I saw this right hand adjustable Neoprene wrist brace for support with carpal tunnel and tendinitis wrist brace. I basically have known about having this issue for a couple years now and I do have carpal tunnel and a light case of tendinitis in my right hand and arm/elbow. This wrist brace is going to come in handy big time seeing how I type on the computer a lot and I'm constantly using my right arm of course in everything I do.

This wrist support brace will help relieve pain and swelling and offer you stability and adjustable and flexible support for your wrist and hand and this is great for carpal tunnel, tendinitis, wrist pain and sports injuries. This wrist brace has an adjustable bandage and is very easy to where it has a thumb hole for a good stability with the thumb hole on the wrist support.

This splint will keep the wrist extended so it may be some what discomforting to wear at first but with wearing and usage it will feel more natural and give comfortable support as well as vital support. I will admit it does take some getting used to at first which is normal it will feel really awkward. But you will get use to it in the long run. To clean all you need to do remove the metal splint and hand wash it no washing machine and make sure you air dry it.

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