Parragon Books Box April 2017

Disclaimer: I was sent products for free or highly discounted to review for my honest opinion. These products are from a PR agency or a company. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Your opinions may vary from my opinions. Please allow 8 weeks to receive a product. For Giveaway items.

For the Month of April, we received some great books some Princesses books and a few color your favorite scene books, and some Recipe books too. So now I'm gonna go over the books that I received in the month of April. 

So the first book I want to tell you about is this recipe book called clean and green this book is a hardcover and it retails for $11.34. This book is filled with recipes four different vegetables and fruit smoothies that will boost your mood and health. These recipes are filled with healthy greens in a juice or smoothie. This book has over 60 nutrient pack green juice and smoothie shots and soups.

The next book is the detox kitchen this book retails for $12.99 hardcover and $6.99 kindle. This detoxing book is not just for the short term you can enjoy the benefits of every day detoxing all year around with these fantastic recipes. They have everything from breakfast and juices, lunches, main snacks, and desserts too. This book will show you how to make the most important good for you ingredients that are really tasty and important.

The next book If the Cat Fits you color your favorite scene and finish with decorated stickers this is a paperback book the retails for $7.18. The kids are absolutely loving these color books they have a different scene for every page and the background you have to color in and then you can put stickers around the scenery. This would be a perfect activity book to take along with you if you were traveling this will keep your child busy for hours. Inside you will find various indoor and outdoor settings with three-dimensional photography.

Next book I want to tell you about is It's a Dogs Life this is also very similar to the cat book above again within the background that you can color and then also over 200 stickers to choose from to put in the different scenes. Again my kids just love these books my son likes the dog one and my daughter likes the cat one. Again great for traveling whenever you're driving long distance these are great to pull out for the kids there are all sorts of decorative stickers and you can bring the scene to life with playful puppies happy go lucky hound dog bags, bones, and balls. This book retails for $11.04 also paperback. 

The next book is Disney Pixar awesome adventures draw, color, create. This is a book that has a variety of Disney characters to color everything from the good dinosaur, inside out, and finding Dory. This book retails for $7.18. The kids absolutely enjoy this book there are so many different coloring and drawing activities that will keep them busy for hours. This is a paperback book.

Next is the spring time wonders Disney princess paperback coloring book with stickers. This book retails for $4.99. This is a spring time fun with Disney princesses spring time wondered book it has over 50 stickers and different coloring activities. My daughter has been loving coloring in there as she takes it outside with her friend and a color all the time they love it. 

The next one is Daffidil's and dances color and activity with crayons. This is a paperback book that retails for $4.99. Join your favorite princesses on their springtime adventures and Disney princesses daffodils and dances. You can design Cinderella dresses, count butterflies with bows and a lot more this book has four crayons and over 30 stickers my daughter absolutely loves all the stickers that come with these books and can stay busy for hours decorating with them. 

And last but not least spring sunshine which includes a price out seeing in over 40 stickers this is a paperback book that retails for $4.65. Join your favorite Disney princess is for some magical spring avengers in the Disney princesses spring sunshine book match each Princess to her animal friends, play hide and seek with Snow White and more. This is such a cute book every little girl will love. 

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