Mother's Day Gift Guide Celebrate Mom This Mother's Day with Sephora Makeup Review

Disclaimer: I was sent products for free or highly discounted to review for my honest opinion. These products are from a PR agency or a company. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Your opinions may vary from my opinions. Please allow 8 weeks to receive a product. For Giveaway items.

What better way to celebrate the Mother in your life this Mother's Day than with Sephora you can pamper your mother this Mother's Day with all these great products I'm going to list for you.

The first product is the Sephora collection Eggspert mini sponges these sponges come in a variety of different sizes they are all mini though this is a six piece mini set of 3-D sponges I am really loving the packaging it comes in an egg carton shaped package. Basically, the sponges are functional mini 3-D sponges that can be easily transported and stored in the egg carton shaped container they come in bright colors and are very appealing. They are very soft not hard like some of the other sponges out there. These would be ideal for concealer and highlight but also could use for cream blush and cream eyeshadow. This would be the perfect gift for Mom. For this six piece set, it retails for $7.00.

The next product would be the Sephora Collection Cleansing Exfoliating Cleansing Cream with coconut water. This cream smells amazing and works really well on the skin the coconut extract soothes the discomfort and tightness of dry skin.
I really enjoy this cleansing cream it is very light on the skin and always feels refreshing to use I would highly recommend getting this cleanser and adding it maybe to a Mother's Day basket. For a 1.69 ounce this retails for $7.50.

The next product is the Sephora Collection Gentle Melting Body Scrub another great product you could add to a Mother's Day basket for her. This is a gentle scrub that you can use to illuminate dead skin cells and have smoother and softer skin. This gentle body scrub is a dual action formula that is infused with fruit asses to delicate refine the skin surface with bamboo powder. This creamy texture with carton milk melt onto the skin and rinses off easily for Skin that is visibly smoother. I have to tell you this stuff smells pretty amazing and not to mention how well it works. For a 6.76 ounce bottle, this retails for $18.00.

The next product is the Sephora collection cleansing exfoliating cleanser cream and green tea magnifying and anti-blemish. This product just like the ones above great to put in a Mother's Day gift basket is good for skin types normal, oily, combination, dry, and sensitive this is a range of rich and velvety cream cleanser's that remove makeup and cleanse effortlessly this leaves your skin very very soft and does not have a greasy or sticky residue. I truly enjoy this cleanser wakes me up in the morning and gets me started for the day. For this 1.69oz tube, it retails for $7.50. I am really enjoying this Green tea cleanser and think it would be perfect for travel.

Next is the Sephora collection brush it off cleansing brush wipes these wipes are pretty amazing I've tried them whenever I was doing swatches on my arm and used them to remove the makeup. While cleaning your brush it also takes any trace of makeup off very quickly. It does have a little bit of an oil residue what I like about these cleansing pads is that they're individually wrapped so they are great for travel and they are non-alcohol-based. These wipes retail for $8.00.

The next product is the Sephora collection oil and foam cleanser in nourishing foam cleanser for more beautiful skin. Basically, what this cleanser does is removes makeup and illuminate impurities and excess sebum enriched with acacia honey The formula is packed with essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. The creamy foaming texture transforms into oil on contact. This is a great cleanser to make sure you get all the makeup off your skin I feel like after washing with this it's strips everything off your face. For a 5 ounce bottle, this retails for $16.00.

The next product is the Sephora collection the cleansing daily brush cleaner this is a good brush cleaner just to spot clean brushes in a pinch. This is a quick drying alcohol-free brush cleaning spray that doesn't require any water. Clean brushes for reuse without alcohol or harsh chemicals that can damage the delicate brush. This is great if you need to use the same brush her two different applications maybe you're using an eyeshadow brush also to conceal no problem use this quick spot brush cleaner to wipe away any residue from the eyeshadow to use. The cleaner is formulated and infused with lemon, lime, grapefruit, and tea tree oil's that help clean the brush. No parabens sulfates or phthalate. This cleanser comes in 2fl oz and retails for $8.50.

Next on the list is this Sephora collection Beauty amplifier set and refresh spray I have to say this is one of my favorite sprays after I do my makeup I just sprayed my face across with this refreshing spray and it makes my skin feel so nice and refreshing it also helps my makeup staying in place longer. I have noticed that I am not getting as oily during the day also. This is a multi-tasking spray that sets up makeup, refreshes skin and generally ensures your makeup doesn't melt off and I have to say this is very true and I love the formula. This is 80 mL 2.7 fluid ounces bottle. And this retails for $16.00.

The next product I have to tell you about is that Sephora collection two ways about it Brush Set this is A limited edition and is pretty fancy if I say so myself. I am absolutely loving this set that comes in a six piece double ended set with champagne gold molten metal textured handles and is stored in a vegan leather brush roll that I am really loving I love the color of this brush roll it matches perfectly with the brushes. These double ended champagne gold makeup brushes come beautiful stored in a quilted brush roll clutch which is perfect for anyone who travels. It comes with every brush that you would need a double ended buffing and blush brush, a double-ended flat and pointed foundation brush, a double-ended all over shadow crease brush, A double ended airbrush and a perfect concealer brush, a double-ended angled brow brush, and spoolie, and a double ended smudge brush and precision liner. These brushes are also cruelty-free and retail for $70.00 with $105.00 value. 

The next product I'm telling you about is this Sephora collection Pro concealer brush #71 this concealer brush is really nice because it is a perfect size and it gets right in there in your inner corner eye and under eye very well. This concealer brush is uniquely shaped to apply concealer and corrector evenly for a natural result. This concealer brush was designed to be used in multiple ways for a customize application. You can also use this brush to apply correctors, eye primers, and cream shadows. This product is also cruelty-free and can be used with a variety of concealer and corrector formulas. This brush retails for $22.00. 

Next on the list is this Sephora collection pro highlight brush #98 this is an exclusive highlight tool that offers to preen application of powder illuminators and high reflective complexion enhancers. This brush is really great for powder highlighter and bronzer's I am really enjoying it for powdered highlighter though. Is brush works to Brighton and illuminate the features of any face shape the tapering brush had offers a detailed application with supreme craftsmanship. This brush can be used to apply a variety of powder, liquid, or cream complexion enhancer's because of it synthetic bristles. This brush retails for $28.00.

The next product is this Sephora collection beauty amplifier magnifying H2O gel primer this is a great primer it is not clear it's skin tone but then it rubs into the same color as your skin. This is a cooling water based primer that mattifies the skin and helps to reduce shine in the appearance of pores. Which I think is really nice because I have pores around my nose and cheeks that need to be concealed. This magnifies the skins with water based gel face primer the formula reduces the appearance of pores minimize shine throughout the day and extends the wear of your makeup. This gel comes in a 30 ml 1 fl. Oz. this tube retails for $16.00.

The next product I was able to review is the Sephora collection eyebrow editor this comes in a variety of shades everything from blonde, medium brown, too dark brown. I was sent the blonde this is an all in one eyebrow kit that contains everything you need for shaping a grooming and defining your brows. This comes with 2×0.04 ounce 1g eyebrow powder, 0.01 oz  0.4 g brow wax, mirror, tweezers, dual tip brush. This is a great Eyebrow kit to take when traveling this will be all you need.

The next product I received is this Sephora collection brow highlighting gel in clear, light blonde, and gold. All three of these colors are pretty amazing I have tried them all out and love them all. My go to here lately is the light blonde. This is a brow gel that has highlighting pearls that set hairs in place with a medium flexible hold. Does three and one eyebrow gel scopes, conditions, and highlights to make perfectly groomed brows. This brow highlighting gel is a 0.12 ounce and retails for $12.00 each.

The next product is this amazing Mixology eyeshadow palette this palette is really amazing you can create so many different looks with these eyeshadows. This palette is highly pigmented it has 18 colored shadows grouped by shade so you will not miss any combinations or looks. This pallet includes six color combinations to mix and match and create a customized look for yourself. Whether it be during the day for work or maybe mix it up for a night out with the girls. This pallet is got you covered. This eyeshadow palette retails for $34.00. 

Next is the Sephora collection contour blush palette there are six individual shades perfect for all seasons. This is a pressed powder blush palette that has matte and shimmer shades to bring depth and soft definition to the cheeks.

Now onto the SEPHORA COLLECTION Sweet Perspective The Weekender Sweet Perspective The Weekender this is super nice and great for traveling. 
This is a convenient canvas bag that carries makeup, jewelry, toiletries, and other beauty items you may need when traveling. This leak zipper bag contains all labeled compartment which allows you for quick access to all your beauty needs.

The divider walls serve as a convenient way to separate compartments. I am really loving this bag and can't wait to use it when traveling or just staying the night somewhere it's perfect. The weekender retails for $38.00.

The next product I was able to review is the Sephora collection Clare for the Sephora collection Penelope pencil case. This case is stunning it has a cheetah type pattern all over the case this is the perfect way to store your makeup when on the go it is the perfect size and fits everything you need. This is my go to for carrying all my essentials. This Sephora pouch retails for $22.00.

Next is this Sephora collection ready in five face brush set this is really nice to take on the go and the packaging is easy on the eyes it is this rose gold glitter type packaging which I am really loving I am also loving the face brushes that comes along with this kit they come in Rosegold which is a neutral and also a black color. It comes with a Foundation Brush, concealer brush, powder brush, and the pouch. I am really loving these brushes and they're great for traveling or just taking when you are in a hurry to do your makeup somewhere else. This brush set retails for $25.00.

And last but not least is the Sephora collection ready in five eye brush set this set includes a crease brush, all over shadow brush, smudge brush, liner brush, and pouch. Again I am loving these on the go brush that they are perfect for going out traveling or if you were going out for the weekend and in a pinch their good to have with you when you're not able to do your makeup right away. These brushes retail for $20.00.

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