3 Things You Need To Discuss Ageing With Your Children

3 Things You Need To Discuss Ageing With Your Children

Ageing is something that we don’t really like talking about, but it affects each and every one of us. As your children become more aware of the world around them, they’re going to notice the effects ageing has on people a lot more. They might well, for example, ask why their grandparents need a bit more looking after than, say, their parents. Follow these three simple guidelines and you’ll feel more confident about answering your children’s questions about ageing.

Your children will look to you for answers about all the many questions they have. It’s important that you are open enough with them that you can provide them with the answers they’re after. Communication needs to be two-way street where both parent and child feel they can talk freely with each other about anything, including ageing. If your child’s grandparents are living in a care home or any sort of assisted living facility, you should be able to tell your children why this is the case and to do so, you need to have strong communication with them.

Though you may be talking about less-than-positive aspects of the ageing process, it’s important that you always remain as positive as possible. Any negativity will rub off on your children and will make them view ageing and its effects in a negative way. Grandparents can be incredibly important in the lives of their grandchildren, but if for some reason things have to change - for example, if they can’t take their grandchildren out like they used to, you shouldn’t focus on what they can no longer do with your kids, but rather on what they still can do with them.

Ageing can be complex and it’s important that when you discuss the subject with your children that you keep it as simple as possible. Use language that’s appropriate for their age and don’t bombard them with too much information in one go. If one of your child’s grandparents is diagnosed with a medical condition due to old age, explain it to your children in a way that they’ll understand
As a parent, you have to be prepared to talk about ageing, which can be quite a sensitive topic, with your children. Follow the guidelines we've outlined here and you’ll find it much easier to discuss the subject of growing old with your children. 

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