Mother's Day Gift Guide FreshEtech Air Lock Bag Sealer & #1 Mom Edition Review

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Have you ever needed to seal a bag with a chip clip but just couldn't find another one?? Or have you ever had to put two bags together just to seal it up with a chip clip? Well no more I want to tell you about the airlock bag re-sealer. Perfect for anyone out there but especially for Mother's I am going to tell you about their #1 Mom Bag RESealer perfect for Mother's Day. This airlock sealer is perfect to seal any bags you need whether you're sealing up chips, crackers, cereal bags, baking goods, or any other things you want to seal to keep fresh. I know there have been times where I have struggled to find a clip to put on bags but not anymore with the bag sealer.

With new micro thermal technology, it makes it so much easier to reseal bags in a snap keep food fresher for longer with this innovative sealing device. And one of the great things about this is you don't need any batteries What?? Ye, you have it right I said you don't need any batteries. This airlock is rechargeable so no AAA batteries. You just re-charge it with a USB how amazing is that? I know I have struggled to use things just because they need batteries and we didn't have them at hand so to be able to recharge this with the USB is perfect what mother out there wouldn't love this?

All it takes is about two hours to recharge this sealer which makes it so you're able to use it over 1000+ seals. This works with all Apple iPhone and iPad devices, All android devices, and all Bluetooth enabled devices. All you have to do is fold the top over about 3/4 down and push any extra air out and seal. Squeeze slowly and move in One Direction and keep going across the bag until you get to the end. After sealing double check to make sure by tipping the bag over and shaking it a little bit just to verify that you have closed it all the way. Also, I suggest doing this over a garbage can just to make sure but it is going to be sealed trust me. If you have a bag that has ripped no problem just cut off the top under the rip and that's it and you're good to go and start resealing the bag. Again this is the perfect gift for Mother's out there perfect for the summer months ahead a lot of people will be grilling out and this will come in handy.

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