Mother's Day Gift Guide Ideas Lenovo Yoga 15" Laptop

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I wanted to tell you about the Lenovo Yoga 710 15" this laptop is pretty amazing and I really love it a lot unlike other laptops to start out with I'm going to describe the things I really do love about this laptop. It is very thin not bulky whatsoever which makes it easier to carry around with you this is the 15" so it is a little bit wider but still very thin framed. What stands out from this laptop in my opinion is the edgeless display which really makes the picture sharp and also I love the metal finish that provides sturdy and extra durability to this laptop which is pretty amazing if I say so myself.

There is also four distinctive ways to work and play on this laptop. I'm going to go through all the different options for this laptop first it conforms to where it's like a stand, Folds like a tablet, of course, like a laptop, a tent, and so much more. I have to say I definitely agree when they say this laptop is lightweight. This would be the type of laptop you would want to take everywhere just because of how light it truly is.

This design is so durable the aluminum chassis an attractive gunmetal gray it gives it a high-quality look and feels but, provides excellent protection if you accidentally drop this laptop. It has excellent Intel seventh core processors they're designed to deliver a great mobile performance fast responsiveness and definitely has plenty of battery life up to eight hours on a single charge one key option that I am loving with this laptop is that whenever I'm using it if I leave it on it automatically goes into sleep mode and the battery does not change.

Another great quality the Lenovo Yoga has the option of up to an 8 GB of memory and up to 512 GB of SSD storage I think that is pretty great for one laptop. This laptop has full Edgeless HD displays. And let me tell you about how this laptop has surround sound with entertainment like Dolby audio it enhances dialogue for renders across a range of sounds you will basically get virtual surround sound from your PC speakers.

I love how this goes from a PC to a tablet this laptop has a special unique hinge that I can basically flip the screen around 360° so basically, if I choose to use the tablet to do my blog all I would have to do is flip it around which is pretty awesome if I say so myself. In the yoga 710 it also has very strong Wi-Fi connections which is something that you really need when you're working on something important you don't want to lose Wi-Fi so with the yoga it has a built in antenna that's in the hinge that covers a greater service Area and is making signal strength stronger and more stable.

With the purchase of the yoga 710 15" you can enjoy a free 30 day trial of McAfee or when you purchase you can also upgrade to the full version and that way you know from the start you are protected.

Whether I am working on my blog or taking this for travel this laptop is the perfect lightweight effective laptop the Lenovo Yoga 710 15" I would recommend I love the functionality of this specific one and I love the 15" screen you can basically see everything so clearly I would highly suggest checking this one out. 

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