Legoland Florida Review +Overview

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Let me tell you how much fun we had at Legoland this Springtime. Besides of course it being in the best state in the world :) it is genuinely a fun and exciting place to take your kid's weather your planning a vacation or maybe just taking a day trip I would highly recommend Legoland Florida to anyone. There are so many fun things to do and see and many different shows to watch. The weather was perfect the day we came out there and the first thing we saw when we got there was someone building a Lego joker which was pretty cool because when we left he was practically finished.

We had fun on a little scavenger hunt when we first got there we went into where they have all these different buildings built out of Legos he said to go in there and find all of the Batman symbols and count them and then they would record them to see if we are close. They have a lot of shows around the park so I'm in the theater and some by the water. We went to the one in the theater where are you were a 3-D glasses and watch the Lego show this show is pretty cool it was interactive so it was like you were riding in the airplane with them. They had wind effects so it really felt like you were there with them which I really like that.

Another ride we were all able to get on is where you get into like I almost want to say it's like a roller coaster type sitting area they strap you in at the waist and then they move you along to these 3-D areas where you are wearing glasses and you're trying to fight Legos it's four of you guys against each other to see who can get the most points. It's called Lego Ninjago World this was so much fun.  This ride was actually a lot of fun I was a little nervous because I thought they were trying to trick me into going on a roller coaster I'm not really a heights type of person. I am a chicken ha ha.

We had a lot of fun on another ride me and both the kids got on I'm not sure what it's called but it lifts you up at 10 feet in the air and then drops you and then goes a little higher and drops you again this was really funny to me but my son didn't like it too much he was a little scared. It was really just a lot of fun walking around and looking at the different things made out of Legos like Darth Vader, R2-D2, Lego Batman, and so much more.

Now if you go to Legoland you must eat at their pizza place called Fun Town Pizza and Pasta Buffet I believe it's $12.99 a person and four children I will leave it $9.99 each child. This gives you unlimited pizza salad and I have to tell you their pizza is really good you definitely have to try if you visit the park. So what are you waiting for if you're taking a vacation over the summer definitely check out Legoland Florida 

They even have a waterpark for the summer for kids to go and we didn't get to go in this our last visit because it was too cold however maybe that will change in the future. Also, they have a new resort called the beach retreat resort details soon stay tuned to my blog to find out more. 

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