Christmas Gift Guide Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl Duo Review

I am so excited to tell you about Nutri Ninja Bowl Duo I am really loving the Nutri ninja bowl because you can make a variety of items in this. You can make anything from food, desserts, breakfast meals, and so much more. One thing that I have tried out that I'm really loving is avocado toast now the recipe I used was from the Nutri Ninja Cookbook minus one thing. I am so excited that I found this recipe and used my new Nutri ninja with this it is so easy to make I will show you the recipe below.

Just in time for the new year to eat the right way I am loving this and you will too. Help stick to your goals for the new year by using the Nutri ninja. If you want to purchase the Nutri ninja click here it retails for $159.99. I love the nutri bowl part it has measurements down the side of it so you can measure out what you're making. Also great for them weight loss goals. 

The avocado toast we made had the perfect consistency I've never made avocado toast till now and I absolutely love it and will be making it more often. But don't think that this is all you can make with this it comes with cups to you can make smoothies, vegetable drinks, salsa, you can even make cookie batter it comes with interchangeable paddles and blades to change out for a variety of things.

It comes with this amazing cookbook that will show you so many things to make with this amazing machine. So start the new year off right and check these out. There are so many things to make the possibilities are endless.

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