Sheepskin White Steering Wheel Cover Review

I am really loving this sheepskin steering wheel cover in the white this steering wheel cover is really nice however be aware whenever you first get it on this cover is very tight along the wheel. I did have a little trouble getting this around the wheel every time I would put it on the top and then try for the bottom it popped off. After doing this a couple times I gave up and have my husband come out and try it. He was successful at getting it on the wheel and it hasn't came off since.

I have noticed a little bit of fall out with the sheepskin fur but it's not too bad just along the edges. This cover adds so much style to the car and I love it now because I had an issue when it rained I would get black all over my hands from the steering wheel when it got wet but not anymore thanks to my cover.

This steering wheel cover fits standard steering wheels measuring 14.5-15.5 so if you have a steering wheel around this size it will be sure to fit. Also I really love the sheepskin it is very soft and the hands so much better than a regular steering wheel. 

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