Scream-A-Geddon #SCREAM-A-GEDDON2016

SCREAM-A-GEDDONReturns to Haunt Tampa Bay AreaResidentsWHAT:Florida’s newest and most interactive horror park will return to petrify Tampa Bay area residents startingSeptember 23rd. This year, SCREAM-A-GEDDON will feature six haunted attractions with sinister themes that range from a deadly infectious disease epidemic to a heinous and sinister prison riot. Attractions includetwointeractive haunted attractionsBlackpool Prisonand Infected, newly re-designed Cursed Hayride, Deadwoods, Bedlam 3D andMonster Midway.SCREAM-A-GEDDONis the only choice for victims who want a gruesome, disturbing and terrifying haunted experience.

DATES:September 23rd-November 5thTICKETS:Tickets start at $19.95WHERE:SCREAM-A-GEDDON27839 Saint Joe RoadDade City, FL 33525

Scream-A-Geddon #SCREAM-A-GEDDON2016

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