The Good Dinosaur In Theaters Today Nov 25th in Imax 3D

Disclaimer I was compensated these movie tickets for my overview and review for The Good Dinosaur 

This movie The Good Dinosaur was amazing not only is it for children but for adults also. This is a great film to go see with the family. It has a lot of ups and a lot of downs but is also funny but can be sad at times also. There are a lot of life lessons taught in this movie. It encourages you to never give up and to keep trying to achieve your goals even if you fail many times.
You can still push through and accomplish them.
Without giving to much detail of the movie Arlo is the Good Dinosaur and Buck and Libby are his brother and sister. In the beginning they were doing everything write are Arlo just couldn't manage to get nothing write even when he kept trying.
 This will definitely be something the family would want to see together so after you can discuss with your child about all the things the movie Intel. All of us loved it and I cried twice like a baby and my daughter who is 6 cried once. She told me Mommy that was really sad. She's like me very sensitive.
 Arlo meets this very different kind of friend "Spot" and they help each other find what is most important to them their family. But during their journey they run into a lot of trouble but manage to help each other and get through it. 

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In Imax 3D.

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