: New all-natural, restorative hair care product for review! Just featured on The Doctors and Extra!

BioMethod Launches Scientifically-Advanced, All-Natural Restorative Hair Care Line

A revolution is happening in how we understand and care for our hair. Based on 12 years of studying 

trichology, the science of hair and scalp biology, celebrity hairdresser Shann Christen understands that 

hair needs to be cared for as part of the living body and not treated as “dead”. This is why he created 

the scientifically-advanced, all-natural restorative hair care line BioMethod, which not only creates 

healthy and beautiful hair for all hair types, but can also restore hair for people who struggle with 

alopecia (thinning hair, balding, and hair loss).

Known as the “Hollywood Hair Doctor”, Shann was recently featured on an episode of Extra! and the 

popular TV show The Doctors where he corrects hair care fallacies and provides proper, safe, and 

effective hair care tips.

Understanding that the body puts the nutritional needs of the hair last, BioMethod puts the nutritional 

needs of the hair first and is formulated with hundreds of vitamins, minerals, essential oils, and natural 

“living” ingredients including fatty-acid extracts from coconut, natural complex sugars, vegetable 

lipoproteins, and soy proteins.

Unlike traditional hair treatments--which view hair as dead, treating it cosmetically with synthetic and 

artificial formulas to make it look healthy, BioMethod provides safe, all natural, non-toxic, biodegradable, 

non-allergenic, and cruelty free cleansers and treatments in three initial products.

Énergisant Pro is a cleansing treatment that focuses on the health care needs of the scalp. It is an 

anti-aging cleansing treatment formulated to create stronger hair for people who have experienced hair 

loss and seborrhea. This formula regulates sebaceous secretions, protects against the main causes of 

anomalous hair loss, improves the silicone levels of keratin, and fortifies and rebuilds the hair shaft.

Fortifiant + is a cleansing treatment that focuses on the nutritional needs of the hair. It fights against 

dehydration, increases keratin production, repairs dry brittle hair, and restores beautiful thick hair.

Minéralisante is an intensive trace-elements treatment for all hair types that hydrates, repairs, nourishes, 

and restores lifeless, brittle, and fine hair. Stored in individual ampoules to maintain freshness rather than 

with chemicals, Minéralisante gives deep hydration to the hair and scalp, restores the hair’s hydro saline 

balance and ability to retain moisture, and thickens hair. It can replace cosmetics gels, mousses and 


Summing up his hair care philosophy, Christen says, “If you realize your hair is alive, and change 

the way you care for it by feeding it nutrients, you’ll get fuller, healthier looking hair and new hair 


BioMethod’s Énergistant Pro, Fortifiant, and Minéralisante are available for purchase online at

www.biomethod.net with more products introduced in the coming months.

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About Shann Christen

Shann Christen is a celebrity hair stylist in Beverly Hills, who after facing his own hair loss became 

frustrated with the endless onslaught of chemical solutions. He eventually had a meeting with a 

trichologist who solved his hair loss issues and inspired Christen to study Trichology for 12 years, 

graduating with a degree in Trichology in Italy. This education became the foundation of his treatment 

for hundreds of men and women suffering from alopecia, thinning hair, hair loss, and poor hair and scalp 

health and resulted in the development of BioMethod, his scientifically advanced hair care line based on 

the understanding that hair is alive and puts the nutrition of the hair first.

Check out this video from the Doctors and here is another video from Extra!!!

And be sure to check out my Review coming up on this stuff!!! I can't wait to try it!!

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