14 days of Christmas Holiday Gift Guide Mocafe Usa loose tea and Mug Giveaway

Welcome to my Holiday Gift Guide!!

Today I have four loose leaf tea's to talk about from Mocafe Usa

  • Kemmun Black loose Tea : This is a delicate tea. This tea can be served hot or as a ice tea. I actually like this one cold with stevia in it. I love sweet tea and this would be perfect on a hot summer day. I also tried this hot but I prefer it cold.

  • Bai Mu Dan First Grade Loose White Tea : This is a floral tea. This tea can also be served hot or ice cold. I didn't try it cold only hot and with some honey. I am not a real big fan of floral flavors but this was ok. The dry leaf and infusion is a medley of colors and textures producing a extraordinary perfumed liquor suggesting lilacs and lily of the valley. And this one to me is not good served cold.

  • GunPowder loose green tea : This is a fresh tea. This tea can be served hot and cold. I tried and liked this tea both hot and cold. I really like it both ways. This usda organic, fair trade gunpowder tea. Larger-sized rolled leaf of this Gunpowder tea yields a deep tawny-green liquor with a pronounced vegetal/peaty flavor.

  • Se Chung Loose Oolong Tea : This is a smoky tea. This can be served hot or cold also. I really didn't care for this tea hot but I did like it cold. I guess it all really depends on what you like and what your taste preference is.


    I did find I liked all these tea's but it just depends on the hot or cold preference. See I like them different ways so I am sure when you try them it will be different for you also.

    Disclosure: I was sent products for free to review for my honest opinion, from either a PR agency or a company. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Your opinions may vary from my opinions. 

    Now for the Giveaway one person will be winning 4 of these tea's in each flavor. And a  If you would like to win enter on the Rafflecopter Below!! Open to Usa only.

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    1. Hubby and I love green tea with mint

    2. My husband loves all kind of tea, whatever samples we get in the mail he drinks

    3. My favorite tea is Earl Grey

    4. I love earl grey and English Breakfast

    5. I love Vanill coffee and green tea

    6. Pu-erh! :)

    7. I love Earl Grey and Russian Caravan tea. Citrus and Smoke!

    8. I love dark roast coffees and rooibos, chai, and hibiscus teas