Secret Pocket Pillow Review

What a great Concept Secret Pocket Pillow for kids so much more then a pillow. It has a secret a hidden pocket what fun can that be kids can store Toys, Rings, Notes, Play Makeup, Toy Trucks, Dolls, Etc.. All you do is unzip the top and see how much this pillow really fits. It's soft and matches any home decor. You can have a secret pocket pillow too. They come in all different designs and color's Florence Flower, Bella Butterfly, Cody Car, and Rocco Rocket. These pillows retail for $19.95 plus $8.95 shipping But, if you buy additional pillows their $16.95 plus $5.95 shipping.  Just in time for the holiday's . This is a perfect gift if you know a toddler, or child that has a great imagination and likes to hide or keep things a secret. The one we have is Rocco the Rocket but my son is still to little to use but I can see him using it for trucks or action figures so cute love this item.

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