The Shelving Store Mini Locker Review

Today I am reviewing a great product from The Shelving Store. I'm reviewing there Mini Lockers in Black. I was really happy when this came in the mail the black is perfect because it can be interchanged and put in my daughter's room or my son's room. They let you hand pick the number that is on the locker which is nice I picked 18 which can go for either child her birthday is in January his in August and my mom birthday this month that passed to soon. Shipping for this item came pretty quick too. And everything was packed so well. My Daughter loves putting her books and lets her barbie dolls in the inside of the locker like there sitting and watching whats going on. If you would like to add this to your child's Decor come check it out The shelving store and if you like the mini locker we have check it out here Black Mini Locker

These are good as nightstands to put by your child's bed or in small spaces where you can't fit a lot but can fit a lot in this mini locker also you can put it in your closet. Your child can put anything there little heart desires in this locker and if they want to keep it private you can buy a lock in there fav color for me I could add a pink lock for my girl or if we rotate and use for my boy we can use a blue lock very versatile love it and you should go check out Mini Locker's

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