Send a Ball Review

Send a Ball is a really cute idea you can have a ball delivered that has a special message on it this is something very personalized. Send one for occasion Valentines Day, Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, Etc. This small family business in Chicago was started by two Ballsy Sisters who live across the street from each other in the same Chicago neighborhood they grew up in. They have been sending ball's since the 90's but in 2003 they turned it into a business.    
Well you ask how did this come to be well Michele knows 
the direct mail world so she knew the mail rules. She spent years mailing silly things.
One day she saw a bin of bouncy balls and said I can mail this. 
So she bought one and decided to do so she took a sharpie and mailed
the ball to her best friend and titled it Have a Ball with your new baby she loved it so they started doing this for other occasions. And Send a Ball was Born. I love this. Check out there site here Send A Ball. Even if your just Thinking of Someone this is a great way to let them know.

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