The Importance Of Making Time For Yourself As A Mom

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A mom’s brain is filled with thousands of thoughts during every second of every minute of every day. You’re always on high alert trying to remember the next thing on your to-do list. It’s quite ironic that the one thing you always forget to do is look after yourself. 

Making time for yourself as a mom is essential for countless reasons. It’s something we should all get into the habit of doing, and here’s why: 

Improve Your Mental Health

It’s often said that moms should become therapists as we deal with so much crap. You’re always stressed and the pressure of being a mom gets to you from time to time. Making time for yourself gives you pockets in the day where you can let go and relax. It’s so valuable for your mental health as it keeps you in a positive place and lets you unwind by being more mindful or simply letting you recharge your mental batteries. 

Keep Your Core Identity

The worst part about being a parent is thinking that it is all that defines you. This is why so many moms struggle when their kids go to college. They’ve finally grown up and you feel empty; it’s like your whole identity has gone with them as you no longer have a child to look after. Taking the time to do things by yourself or follow a passion helps you maintain your core identity as a person. You realize that you’re more than just a mom and this stops you from feeling like your life is defined by motherhood. 

Prevent Burnout

You can’t do too much all the time or you will burn out. Make time for yourself so you have time to, well, do nothing! Lie down for a bit, read a book, go out for coffee; do whatever you want, and stop working yourself to the bone for a second. Some of you argue this is impossible; if you’re not working, who will take care of things around the house? Think about hiring a housekeeper or a nanny on sites like if this is your argument. Now, you have other people doing your jobs, so you can make time for yourself and prevent burnout. 

Become A Better Mom

There’s a terrific irony in not making time for yourself as a mom. You don’t do this because you think it makes you a worse mom. It’s your “duty” to be a mom and to always be doing things for others. Funnily enough, taking time out to look after yourself will make you a better parent. You have a stronger mental relationship with parenthood and you’ve got more energy to be more attentive to your kids. There’s a lack of resentment there too; deep down, you don’t resent your children because you still have time to yourself. 

No matter which way you look at it, making time for yourself as a mom is truly important. There are no downsides to doing this, which should be enough to convince you to do it! Start finding ways to devote time to yourself rather than others - even if it’s just for half an hour or so.

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