Fun Easter Traditions to Start With Kids


Are you looking for some fun ways to spend easter with your children? Many of us have plenty of things we do around Christmas time, but you might not have as many things lined up for easter/ spring. Since the school holidays at easter time are around two weeks long, this gives you plenty of time to schedule in some fun things that will help make some memories and start traditions with your family. Here are some ideas.

Easter egg hunt

The weather around easter time starts to perk up a bit, and if it’s nice over the easter weekend then setting up an egg hunt in the garden can be a fun tradition. It doesnt have to cost much, use baskets or bags that you already have and stock up on inexpensive easter eggs and treats that you can stash around the house and garden. If you buy reusable plastic eggs you can keep them to use year after year, and split up larger packs of sweets or chocolate to put inside to keep costs down. If you want to go all out, buy or make some decorations to put around the garden and provide clues to find some of the better prizes!

Easter baskets

Easter baskets can be a fun way to gift your child some bits and pieces to use over the easter holidays. Lots of shops have crafts and small toys along with sweets and chocolate to fill it up, and if you buy reusable baskets you can simply fill them each year without that extra cost. Bubble wands, easter themed slime or fidget toys, easter and spring themed books, pyjamas or hair accessories are all things you could put inside but it’s easy to tailor it to your budget. 

Easter and spring crafts

There are lots of themed crafts you could set up at this time of year, from making pastel coloured paper chains to string up in your home to easter baking and more. Check out Pinterest as it’s always full of good ideas and you can choose something based on your kids ages, abilities and your budget. 

Movie day/ night

Finally, a fail safe activity especially for a rainy day is a movie day or night. Check out kid's movies to watch on Easter and provide some drinks, snacks and blankets to make it cosy. You could invite your children’s friends and have this as a simple, free activity to do together that will help make memories!

It’s important to have traditions, even silly and simple things are what your kids will remember when they grow up. So keep the magic alive and try out some of these things this easter!

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