Nadine West January 2 nd Monthly Bag


Disclaimer I received this product for my honest reviews. All opinions are my own.

Another monthly Nadine West Bag this month was ok I received 6 items most of which are not exactly what I would pick for myself. I got a dress, a skirt, two pairs of earrings, a cardigan, and a top.  

The first item is the skirt that has pleats in it. It is in this beautiful black color, however, and does look like it could be for older women not saying it’s just for them however, it’s just not my style while somewhere out there. This skirt actually fits really well. It almost went down to my ankles if it didn’t have the pleats I think then I would wear it. This skirt retails for $29.99.

The next item is this Joline top in this burnt orange color. It is a really nice material that can pretty much go with anything even the skirt above. You can also pair this up with jeans or shorts as well or dress it up and wear it into the office. This top I really like and to keep it retails for $22.99.

This Shelia rose Laney cardigan is in a cheetah print I really like it but I have been receiving a lot of cardigans in my monthly bags. So I have a pretty good collection but I really like this one as well. It retails for $32.99 to keep. And it keeps you pretty warm. 

This alodia dress is in the size medium however this dress is a little bit too fancy for church. The dress is ok just not really something I feel I can wear out just casually but this would be the perfect costume for Halloween or a princess party it would be perfect to be Belle. It retails for $34.99.

Next are these really cute earrings by panacea Clara they are really cute and look like tassels and I love the style they would look really good dressed up with dress outfits or dresses but I think they could be paired up with something dress casual as well. To keep these earrings retail for $17.99. 

Last but not least is this last pair of earrings Asana dangle earrings they are really beautiful and unique. These can pretty much go with any outfit. Also, they are very unique looking. They retail for $17.99 to keep. They are in silver.  


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