Nadine West September Monthly Bag


Nadine West is a monthly subscription bag for women where you go online and take a quiz and then you have a specific stylist for your profile that will go through and pick items that are catered to you if you do not like the items send them back and you will not have to pay. This is an easy way to try on clothes and not go in-store. I’d highly recommend this program. It has amazing benefits.

This cover-up I really liked and I paired it with the below dress as well. It was a perfect match to pair up with going to church. I think this is more of a spring/summer look. But I still really enjoy this cover-up top it retails for $33.99 and is a size medium you could probably even get away with wearing a size small it is made from this soft see-through material and is perfect for layering.

The next item is this Sydney scoop dress in a size medium it retails for $36.99 and is in this beautiful blue color. I also enjoy the length of this dress. It is not too short it is about knee length and perfect for layering the top garment with flowers that is above. I would recommend this dress, although it’s more of a summer type of dress in my opinion and even though it’s still hot here in Florida, I do like to pretend it’s cooler and more fall-appropriate clothes.

These are beautiful gold and pearl heart earrings I love this style and the fit of them. They are very dainty, but look beautiful and noticeable as well. They retail for $17.99 which is a really good deal any girl or a woman out there would absolutely love to have these in their collection. I am a fan.

This necklace is beautiful. However, it was tangled up in a knot when I received it I actually have received a couple necklaces back to back that were really tangled up and hard to get the knot out. That’s when I still haven’t got one of the nights out so it’s hard to wear it however, it is absolutely beautiful so hopefully, if I keep working at it, I will get the knot out it retails for $34.99.

These bottoms are really pretty They are in a navy blue color and are wide-leg. It seems to be that this style is coming back. They are super comfortable and are a little high-waisted. I think they are perfect for the whole time they retail for $27.99. They would be perfect to pair up with tight-fitting shirts or bodysuits. They came in a size medium.

Last, but not least this item is OK I am using this, mainly to work out and it is very tight. However, this is the way it is supposed to be. I received a size medium it is in this beautiful, gray blue sea glass color. And also perfect as an undershirt or work out top or for layering. It retails for $29.99.

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