Nadine West August Monthly Bag


Disclaimer I received this item for my honest opinion all opinions are my own!

This month I received three tops, one dress, a pair of earrings, and a necklace. All the items I received this month are starting to gear more toward fall, which I really like. There are just some things that didn’t work out again this month. What is Nadine West? Nadine West is a online clothing subscription you fill out a style quiz, and then you have a stylist pick out items catered to your style you can receive anywhere from 6 to 10 items and return what you don’t like with a prepaid label.

The first item I received, is a medium dress by Sheila Rose brand letty dress I actually really love this dress, but not so much for a dress more as a top that you can wear leggings with. For it being a dress, it is really short for me and I am not comfortable wearing it that way however, it is super cute with a pair of leggings and the material feels so nice. This top is in a size medium and I love the stripes. It retails for $34.99 and I would highly recommend this as a dress or a top.

Next is this Laney top that is in a beautiful green color. It retails for $32.49 and is in a size medium I really do like this top. It is definitely unique how it buttons down but then has a three-quarter length sleeve perfect for the fall time and a perfect fall color. This would be able to go great with a pair of leggings, jeans, dress, pants, really anything. I do recommend this top and this is something that I will be keeping.

Next is this beautiful necklace by Giselle it is a bar necklace that retails for $39.99. It is very dainty which is some thing I really like with jewelry nothing too flashy just a minimalistic as what I like. This is in a gold tone color which I do like I switch back-and-forth between my jewelry styles and I like silver as well. But this is perfect for the fall time or summer, really any time of the year.

The next item is this top in small by Alexis this top is nice. It would be perfect for Thanksgiving to wear out. I do like the neckline with this type of neckline and top I would not recommend necklaces unless it was a longer necklace however, the neckline would probably contrast so any necklaces I would not wear. Again, I love this color. It is a deeper green color perfect for fall time and the size is perfect because of it being more of a flowy top I would definitely size down. This top retails for $33.99.

Next are these Bianca earrings that retail for $17.99 these earrings are more of a different type of style something that does not capture my attention. I don’t really like them. I’m not sure even how to describe these earrings. But just not my style maybe BoHo they would be perfect for someone that enjoys that style.

And last but not least is that just a swingin top in a size medium it retails for $27.99 is in this beautiful pale pink color and perfect for the fall time. I do love this shirt however, I would’ve went to a size small instead of medium just because it fits oversized and it’s a little bit bigger on me however, I will figure out a way to work around that. Which kind of makes sense it looks like it’s supposed to be this way because of the name of it. Great for fall time it’s not really a fall color, but will keep your arms warm. It can be paired with leggings, jeans, or even a nice skirt.

All in all this month was pretty good. There were some things that were just not my style but I still would recommend them to other people if it is your style. Nadine West is a great way to try clothes on without going to the store.

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