Men's Changeover 11 Ballistic Sneaker Mars Red


I am talking about Lugz shoes today the men’s changeover to ballistic sneakers these sneakers are pretty original. They come in the Mars red/white or the navy/white my husband shows than Mars red/white. He doesn’t have a sneaker like this which makes it stand out. The color is definitely unique but an amazing color. The shoes range in size 6 1/2 all the way up to size 13.

The men’s changeover is inspired by the classic sneaker, perfect for every day it has a folded edge and a Jagger edge sword to help keep a grip these are very stylish sneakers, and also have a sporty look as well, which drew my husband's attention toward that.

My husband said that the shoes are really comfortable and he wears them sometimes to work. He wears them more so when we’re out and about and wants to kick it up a notch. I really like these shoes as well. I think the red stands out and is definitely unique compared to other colored shoes.

This shoe retails for $54.99. these shoes will definitely last for a long time.

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