A Working Mom's Guide to Making the Weekends Count

For working moms, the weekends are a precious commodity that can feel like a mini-vacation from the busyness of weekday life. But these two days can be more than just a reprieve—they can also be a time to connect with your family and enjoy some much-needed self-care.

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Whether you're more of a stay-at-home mom or someone who works outside the house, carving out time on the weekend to focus on your family is essential. That's why it's crucial to make the most of these two days, while also taking care of yourself.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways for busy moms to manage their weekend schedule and ensure it's working for them and their families.

Below we have four tips for what working moms should do on the weekends so that you can make the most out of your 48 hours and have a weekend filled with fun, relaxation, and quality time with loved ones!

1) Schedule Some Alone Time

Being a working mom is no easy feat, so it's important to take some time for yourself on the weekends to recharge and refresh! And what better way to relax than treating yourself to a spa day? Whether you go all out and relax in a luxurious spa or do something simpler like taking a hot bath, giving your mind and body some much-needed "me" time is essential for keeping yourself healthy and happy. That way, you can go into the work week with a refreshed perspective.

2) Find a Mini Escape with Airplane Rides

As a working mom, you probably don't get to take many vacations—but that doesn't mean you can't take mini escapes here and there! One of the best ways to find a bit of R&R is to hop on an airplane and explore somewhere new on the weekends. When you have limited time, short flights are the perfect way to relax, recharge, and have a much-needed break from reality.

Grab a friend or go solo; either way you'll feel rejuvenated after just a few hours away. Stepping outside of your comfort zone can offer tremendous advantages, not least of which is perspective. Chances are that with a few airplane rides, you'll come back feeling refreshed and inspired with plenty of ideas and insights for when you return to work.

3) Make Time for Hobbies and Activities

It's essential for working moms to make time for hobbies and activities on the weekend. After dedicating most of your weekday to work and family duties, take some time to reignite your passions on the weekend! Whether it be painting, hiking, or playing a sport - there are plenty of ways to get creative and do something you love.

Here are some ideas:

1. Get out into nature and take a hike - You can grab your family or just go alone to unwind in the peace of the outdoors.
2. Sign up for an online course - Learn something new or brush up on skills you already have! You can find courses in everything from cooking to marketing.
3. Plant a garden - Get creative with gardening and design your own flowerbeds or vegetable patch!
4. Do some window shopping - Indulge in a little retail therapy without actually making any purchases (unless you want to!). This is great way to treat yourself without breaking the bank.
5. Try out a new hobby - Live music? Woodworking? Photography? If it sparks your interest, give it a go! It never hurts to try something new and maybe even find a new passion along the way!

4) Nurture Social Connections Friendships and Networking

You may have heard the saying 'it's not what you know, but who you know', and as a working mom it is so important to nurture your social connections on the weekends. Whether you're looking to make new friends or reconnect with old ones, getting together with people you trust can be a great way to unwind and recharge for the week ahead. You may join a community in your social circle or hit up an event and talk to as many people as you can.

Final Words

Working mothers manage to take on the world and run their lives in a limited time, but it doesn't have to mean sacrificing their weekends. By taking the time each weekend to recharge, get organized, and enjoy themselves, working moms can learn to make the most out of their limited time and live a balanced, fulfilled life.

So, take time for yourself, and plan some fun activities that you can enjoy!

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