Nadine West February Monthly Bag


(Disclaimer) I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

Nadine West is a monthly subscription for females where you fill out a style profile with your favorite items and then your stylist that is hand-picked for you will pick out your clothing for the month you do get anywhere from 6 to 10 items including some jewelry. I absolutely love this bag because it is customizable to you send back exactly what you don’t want and no worries about paying for it.

This month I received six items two tops, one skirt, one dress, one necklace, and some sort of make-up bag. I customize my monthly bags for a few months just with dresses, skirts, and tops right now I have enough pants in my wardrobe so every month you can go in and customize your items as need be. PS I also wanted to let you know if you do want to follow me I do Nadine West reviews showing how the items fit on me on TikTok.

The first item I received is their work crush T-shirt in a size medium this shirt retails for $33.99 and I got it in the color green/tan. I love the way this top fits I paired this top with some of my regular jeans. My normal size in tops is a size medium I just love the way they fit that way just in case they shrink I have not had any issues with any of them right now I definitely would keep this top it is definitely my style.

The next item I received is this Lucina top This top I probably would’ve gone up a size it is in a size medium but it is a little bit small after washing it. It retails for $27.99 as well. This is probably one I would send back just because it doesn’t fit me quite as well as the other shirt. But regardless it’s still really nice the only reason sending back is because of it being a little bit small after washing. This top would be great to match up for anything casual baby shower, wedding, church, really anything. 

The next item is this beautiful necklace It is a gold thicker chain that would be perfect to wear for any occasion. This is just a little bit on the thicker side for me are usually go for more dainty necklaces or minimalistic ones. But it is still beautiful this necklace retails for $44.99 it is 18 inches long.

Next one of the ones I liked is the Hi-Lo skirt in the size medium of course it is exactly what it’s called This skirt feels really nice against the skin and fits really well. You can pretty much go with any type of top but you have to have the right colors to match up. The only thing that bothers me about the skirt is I cannot wear it in certain places it is shorter in the front and then longer in the back. I love stuff that is neutral in color and will be definitely wearing this a lot more during the summer seeing how it’s super hot here. This skirt retails for $27.99. And this is a keeper as well.

Next is this dress Debra that is really beautiful however it is really short and more of a boxy fit rather than formfitting. If you take this dress and then pair it with a belt it can be a little bit more formfitting everybody’s style is different so maybe someone else would like it the other way. It’s right above the knees which is a bit on the short side for me. It retails for $34.99 and definitely is a toss-up because I would not wear it everywhere only my opinion match this up with some beautiful brown sandals and it’s perfect.

And last but not least this Shane bag you could use for a make-up bag or carrying items down to the beach or pool. Honestly is not really my style the print is like a geometric type of print and bright colors I tend to go for more neutral colors and love leopard, and cheetah items more along the lines. This bag retails for $14.99 to keep.

All and all this month of February was an ok bag most of the stuff I am really liking and enjoying and will keep there was just a few items that just weren’t my style however there’s still really great items that would make somebody else happy. I love Nadine west monthly bags and will continue to keep recommending them.

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