ATAMIN Ava Bedside Table with Lamp and USB-C Charging Station


How to style your nightstand like a pro

A nightstand is more than just a place to rest your alarm clock and stash your books. It's an essential part of any bedroom and can make or break the whole look. Never fear if you're unsure how to style a nightstand like a pro! We've got some great tips to help you get started.

Choose the design of the nightstand.

When it comes to nightstands, design can be an important factor in both style and practicality. Depending on the bedroom's decor, many different designs could work well - from a sleek modern look to more ornate designs with detailed carvings and even multiple drawers to increase storage space. Whatever design you choose, ensure it is safe and of good construction. Think about things like how easy it will open and close, as well as whether you need extras like shelves or lighting – these all affect the overall feel of your bedroom when making this importtant decision.

Choose a theme or style for your nightstand - this could be anything from minimalist to glam.

When it comes to decorating, often the little details make the biggest difference. Setting an intentional style or theme for your nightstand can be a great way to finish off the overall aesthetic of your bedroom. Whether you're going for a minimalist look, with just one statement lamp and a book or two, or you want something more glam, with trinkets, candles, and greenery - there are no wrong choices here! Finding what makes you feel at home is key when deciding on the perfect nightstand style, whatever it may be.

Pick out a few key pieces that fit your chosen theme, including a lamp, alarm clock, and framed photo.

Whether one is looking to spruce up a bedroom, add some bright accents to a living space, or make a cozy reading corner, ATAMIN's Ava Bedside Table with Lamp and USB-C Charging Station is the perfect addition. Not only does this item come with its own integrated lamp and built-in USB ports for easy device charging, but it also features a signature minimalist design making it an unobtrusive yet statement piece. The sleek lines and natural oak shade of ATAMIN's bedside table is sure to be the stylish touch that ties any room together. Paired with your chosen alarm clock and framed photo, ATAMIN's Ava Bedside Table will provide light, function and style as the key pieces for completing any theme.

Arrange your items on the nightstand in a way that is pleasing to the eye

Nightstands often can become a hodgepodge of items that do not necessarily convey harmony and balance. Finding a way to arrange your nightstand items to blend aesthetically together is one small way you can inject beauty and serenity into your space. The arrangement of items on your nightstand should be aesthetically pleasing, from height variations to colors and shapes. If nothing else, remember this one thing when arranging your nightstand: less is more. Keep it simple and mindful with only a few pieces that collectively convey understated elegance.

Add some finishing touches, such as a plant or scented candle.

Making a home feel complete can often be tricky, as it is such a personal thing tailored to our individual tastes. That being said, there are certain details that everyone appreciates, bringing a space warmth. Such touches could include adding a fresh-cut or silk flower or even placing a pot of lavender on your windowsill to fill your home with its calming aroma. Further, lightening a scented candle can bring inviting colors whilst instilling an atmosphere of comfort and peace. Even the simplest touches, like bringing in a flower arraignment for those special occasions, have been proven to lift the spirits and bring joy; all these small finishing touches make for an exciting journey towards creating your own unique space.

After considering the design, theme or style, pieces, and arrangement of your nightstand, you can now finish off your nightstand by adding some special touches that fit with the overall theme. This could be a plant to live up the air quality in your bedroom or maybe even a scented candle to create ambiance in a room. Whatever you choose, make sure it adds something to the overall feel of the space. Now is the time to step back and admire your work - you have thoughtfully planned and brought together a nightstand of your dreams. So don’t wait any longer and start styling your nightstand! With these ideas, you are sure to end up with a room accessory that both looks beautiful and reflects who you are as an individual.

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