Collagen Peptides Review

 Collagen Peptides 

Collagen peptides is good to take to help strengthen your bones, hair, nails, and the skin as well. This collagen by hyalogic comes in a powder and that is unflavored so you could add it to any liquid hot or cold or even add to your oatmeal or something like that.

Are you do is mix ones in 8 ounces of any kind of liquid other than water I would not recommend water.  It is non-GMO and grass fed, unflavored and pasture raised bovine type 1 & 3.

I highly recommend collagen peptides for anyone out there that wants to throw out their hair or make it thicker have a stronger nails and nicer skin.

Always consult and talk to your doctor before taking anything different because you never know how it’s going to react to a new item. This is something I’ll tell you is amazing to take to  help my hair it’s so thin and my nails are so thin so collagen is great.

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