Christmas Essentials Lugz women’s clipper mule LX Fleece Oxford


These women clipper in your LX fleece oxford sneaker are really comfortable. You can wear these are in the summer or winter but they’re really cozy during the wintertime. Sometimes I use these with socks and sometimes without socks they do keep your feet warm. These are the best-selling fashion sneaker that is everyday sneakers featuring an open back design and are lined with cozy fleece.

They come in two different colors black and a cashew natural whisper white. These shoes range in size from 5 1/2 all the way up to 11. I really love mine like I said I wore them without socks and with socks and they are super comfortable and have this fleece for material inside that keeps your feet warm.

They retail for $49.99 they have a brown wool-like lining. They are really comfortable and I like how the back is open so you can slide them on and off without any issues or struggle. Between the brown and the black shoe you will have a shooting match anything in your closet.

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