Spring Essentials Cirkul Starter Kit + Extras Review


Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

“Thank you Cirkul for sending us these free Cirkul products" 

I am always looking for the right bottle to carry around whether it’s for work or driving around in the car or just hanging around the house I am always trying to get my water intake in every day! And I tell you what I have found the perfect bottle and system that will do just that.

This is the first system that works exactly how it says it’s going to work without any issues. Cirkul is a company that wants to make you a water drinker and get your water intake for the day. Customize your flavored drink to your liking. The thought behind the process is you have a water bottle that has a screw-in filter and you are able to dial up the intensity of how flavorful you want your water.

You can have your water unflavored or dial it up to a number five where you are going to taste flavor or maybe dial it down to number three where are you just have a hint of flavor. This is perfect for this time of year where spring is right around the corner and then summer is coming we all need to be drinking more water around this time. Not only around this time but all year long.

If this is something you would like to try out first Cirkul offers different plans that you can purchase you can start out with eight cartridges for $27.00, 16 cartridges for $49.00 this one of the best offers, 24 cartridges for $67.00, or 32 cartridges for $82.00.There are even larger plans where you could get 40 cartridges for $100.00.

They have different types of bottles such as the standard bottle with different tops, chill sleeves, plastic bottles, metal bottles, squeeze bottles, mini plastic bottles, stainless steel bottles, and customizable comfort grips with different designs.

And let’s talk about some of the flavors they have they have a wide variety that has everybody’s taste in mind. Fruit punch, strawberry kiwi, watermelon, peach mango, these are just some of the sips that have essential B vitamins in them, next they have some electrolytes such as White Cherry, Mixed Berry, orange tangerine, and lemon-lime. I have already tried several of their flavors and I am hooked this is my new favorite water bottle I carry around everywhere whether it’s to work, traveling in the car, or really anywhere. I’ve tried cucumber flavor water, Orange tangerine water, and pineapple quite a few others too many to name and I haven’t even touched the surface. They even have coffee-flavored water which is really cool I haven’t tried that one yet but I’m really excited to try that one next.

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