Nadine West Monthly Bag March


Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

I received my monthly bag from Nadine west which is a company that sends out a monthly bag of a variety of different products that you enjoy. You go on their website to take a quiz and tell them what you like and what you don’t like. And from there they curate a bag specifically to your taste. You received a variety Number of items in clothes in your monthly bag. 

This month I received six items a top in mauve, blue jean form fitting bottoms, black top, gray spaghetti strap dress, and a pair of big hoop earrings. 

The first item I received is this I'm a star mauve top it is super cute and casual it could go with pretty much anything whether you’re wearing a pair of jean shorts or you are going to pair it with a pair of leggings or even jeans. This would be great for in the office or if you were going out to a nice dinner either way you can pair this with pretty much anything and I really love how this top is perfect for the springtime. It also has a cute neckline which adds a lot of style to it. This top retails for $23.99. 

The next item is these Alisa dark ble bottoms. These I really like however for this type of style they are a little bit big so with these I would go down a size and I feel like if these were small they would have fit a little bit better. They would pair up perfectly with a nice shirt or even a button-down dress shirt maybe even a bodysuit. I would definitely recommend these. They retail for $27.49 to keep.

I have this Arin black top that ties up on the side and a little bit of a boat neck. This goes good with dress pants, jeans, or even shorts. It is very versatile This material is super soft and comfortable wearing and I have no complaints about this top I really like it and think it’s stylish and This top is a small and retails for $38.49. 

These black bottoms I received are really comfortable however they are a little bit big on me. I like more of something that fits almost like a skinny Jean and formfitting. These pants fit around the hip area but then flare out at the bottom. I am just not into the flare type of pants however a lot of people out there still love them. These black pants would be perfect for a work setting if you go inside the office. I received these pants in a size medium in the retail for $24.49.

I also received this beautiful gray Viny light gray dress that is really great for summer. It has a spaghetti strap and is long like a maxi dress. But I absolutely love this color it is very beautiful. The side of the dress has this cut-out that goes pretty far up that would be my only concern is showing a lot of leg. And I know somebody out there would absolutely love dress. But it would be a pass for me. It retails for $35.99. 

I absolutely love the pauly silver hoops they are my favorite right now they are a little bit bigger than what I normally wear. They are great to wear out to eat. I really am enjoying wearing these and will continue. They have a different texture at the bottom of them they are smooth at the top but then a little bit bumpy at the bottom which I think adds a little bit of style to them. They retail for $8.99.

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