MAKING DESIGN 4U 30 Pieces Adjustable Face Covering Lanyard Review

Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

These mask lanyards are really nice to have especially because of the world we live in now you have to have a mask everywhere you go. They’re easy to install they have clips where you attach them to the ear loops.  They come in a 30 piece set and a variety of different colors such as tan, black, pink, and baby blue.

These are really convenient because you can hang them from the mirror in your car and they will be right there for you anytime you need them. I really do love the colors they come in because they pretty much match with anything you can wear. And for the price for as many as you received. They retail for $9.90 this is an amazing deal.

I think that these would also be a great gift for someone that is looking to keep their masks nearby and possibly share these lanyards with others since they come with so many of them. These are easy to click on and just put around your neck when you’re going out in about and maybe even give these as gifts to love ones.

I feel like these will be out for a while just because of the virus and I feel like this is such a great idea to keep everything close by where you know where it’s at. These remind me also of the eyeglass holders that you need to put your eyeglasses in that you also hold around your neck is very similar in that aspect.

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