Nadine West Monthly Bag May Review

Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

Nadine West is a monthly bag that you receive with items that are hand-picked for your style. You can receive anywhere from 6 items all the way up to 14 it just depends on your stylist. You receive the bag in the mail and you try on every item if you don’t like it don’t worry you just mail it back in the prepaid envelope they sent you. The items you love you just keep and pay for simple as that.

I am so excited to tell you this bag I was so in love with it this is probably the first bag that I received where I liked everything that I got. I really do hope I keep the stylist that did this bag for me. Whoever it was they picked out items that fit me and my style amazingly. I received two tops, two bottoms, a dress, and a set of earrings.

The first item is this beautiful mid-length dress that is in this beautiful green color. It is super soft and comfortable perfect for church or even a nice summer wedding not too dressy but perfect. Add a jean jacket to add a little casualness to it as well. This is definitely a piece I’d keep. It retails for $29.99.

The next item is this black shirt that is form-fitting and really nice. It would go with practically everything whether you are going to pair it with a pair of shorts or if you’re going to wear it with jeans, and even sweatpants. It is super soft and comfortable I like how it has the boat neck along the front collar. It retails for $26.99.

Next are these gray legging bottoms that are super comfortable and stretchy and I absolutely love these to run in they fit me so well in a size medium they say bae along the waistband in a rainbow design. These pants fit all the way down to the ankle which makes it nice because when you’re running they don’t ride up it. I also like how they fit above your bellybutton to hide your mom pooch. These pants retail for $20.19.

Next is this silk tank top that is leopard print I absolutely love this design with this top though I highly recommend wearing a strapless bra or some tape around your chest area to conceal your nipples. I love this for the summer it’s really lightweight a feels very cooling. Pair it with the perfect pair of shorts during the day or with jeans for an evening out. It retails for $26.99.

These black leggings I received are really nice to work out in them as well they go high above the waist and all the way down to the ankle and on the side of these pants they have a crisscross design. They have their design to make your butt look bigger. These are lightweight pants that don’t make you hot during your run. Of course, you’re going to sweat but it is nothing different than what you would normally sweat. It’s not overkilled.

The last thing I received is these pair of silver small hoop earrings I absolutely love these earrings I’ve been wearing them to work. Because of them being a smaller size they don’t get in the way with my mask that I have to wear. They are really lightweight so they don’t weigh down the ear. And are great to wear with any casual look or great for dressy up as well.

This was an amazing monthly bag and I hope to have success with other bags just as well as I did with this one. I would highly recommend needing west to anybody out there that loves different outfits and a huge variety only pay for what you want to key.

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