Key Things To Consider While Building An Accessory Dwelling Unit

Key Things To Consider While Building An Accessory Dwelling Unit 
There are a plethora of reasons to build Accessory Dwelling Units or ADUs in California. Besides increasing the overall value of your property, they serve a variety of purposes from setting up a home office to taking care of your elderly parents. You can also earn an extra income by renting out the ADU. While the costs of building one vary depending on its purpose, they will definitely pay you higher dividends in the long run.

However, building an ADU in your backyard requires a range of conditions to be fulfilled. You have to consider several things like power backup, water supply, accessibility, size, extra parking area and more before you get the backyard cottage custom built. Let’s shed some light on the matter and provide you with much-needed suggestions regarding the same. 

It’s one of the primary things to consider while building an ADU in your backyard. The person (or persons), who will be staying there, should feel safe and enjoy maximum convenience. You should ensure that the site is well-situated and easily accessible from the main entrance, and the pathway between the main house and the ADU should be free from clutter. If you have a garden in your backyard, you should clean the hedges and bushes often to prevent them from blocking the path. 

Parking area
It’s especially important if you plan to rent it out, as your tenant may not choose to walk to your garage to get his/her car. Of course, you’re not the first one to think, ‘Why should I waste space while Getting My ADU Built when there’s a car-sharing facility nearby, or on-street parking permissions?’ well, it all depends on the occupant in the ADU, but why take a chance? You won’t like to lose a potential tenant for such a petty matter, right? 

Ensure privacy
If you’re building the ADU for your aged parents, they may not require that level of privacy, as they are family. However, if you plan to rent it out for a home office or living, you need to ensure maximum privacy for the occupant with a back entrance, hedges to cover the view and in some other way. 

Privacy is one of the biggest concerns for tenants, and they may turn down a good offer if they think that their privacy will be at stake while living on your property. Hence, depending on what purpose you’re going to use the additional unit for, you should make sure that it offers a feeling of seclusion and independence. 

Property development regulations
One of the important considerations while building an ADU on your property is getting thoroughly informed about the property development standards in your area. Density constraints, the distance between the property line and the backyard cottage, limits to having more than one utility connection, and other things should be considered before finalizing the design of the accessory dwelling unit.

Utility connections
Now, this is the troubling part. If you plan to use the ADU as a granny house, you may not need not install separate sewer systems or upgrade your existing one. However, suppose you rent the facility out to a family, or a couple, you may need to upgrade your sewer system to accommodate waste from additional bathrooms. 

However, the water supply, gas, and electricity lines can be shared by connecting the ones from the ADU to the main meter, and new plumbing fixtures can also be connected in the same way. Regarding the septic tank, you should talk to the local authorities first to know all about the regulations to upgrade your current one. 

Space in the house 
Again, this will vary according to the purpose of the ADU. Generally, the accessory dwelling units are not much big, but you can always save more space by planning the design. Talk to the ADU contractors you’re hiring for the same and share your ideas with them. They will improvise them according to the possibilities and build the most suitable backyard cottage for you. 

If you’re worried about storage, make sure you get enough shelves and closets built to accommodate several things without taking up much space. You can also install foldable chairs and tables to leave adequate space to move about freely. Space is an important consideration for a granny pod, as elderly people tend to hurl themselves quite easily. 

Security systems
Although the house will be small, you should make sure it’s 100% secure by installing fire alarms, smoke detectors, water sprinklers, burglar alarms, and security cameras along with proper porch lighting. This will help the occupants be at considerable ease. 

Wrapping it up
Any additional extension to your property enhances its value and also gives you the chance to earn more, be in money, or blessings. If you can take care of your parents at their retirement age, you will gather their blessings, and your kids will have a gala time with their grandparents. Even if you plan to use the ADU commercially, you’re going to get high returns on your investment. 

Get in touch with a reliable ADU contractor to set your work in motion as soon as possible. 

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