5 Hacks for Redesigning Your Home

When you’re ready to redesign your home, consider these five main elements: color scheme, style, wall décor, lighting and furniture. By playing with these elements of interior design, you can redesign and update the rooms in your home in a way that opens up the space, freshens up the look, and brightens up the atmosphere.

With that in mind, consider these five hacks to create a whole new look and feel for your home, without compromising cost, convenience and your time.

1. Switch Up the Color Scheme
Everything from the paint you put on your walls to the furniture that will fill different rooms all depends on the color scheme you've picked out. For ideas and inspiration, check out different color scheme combinations at nearby paint, carpet and furniture stores. Or, find an online color scheme generator to get the ball rolling. After selecting a color scheme, keep ahold of the different hues as you work through these next steps.

2. Decide on Your Style
Before you can move forward, your best option is to decide on a style. This will narrow down the process and help you get to the finish line faster, with a better end result. Here are the major umbrellas of interior home design styles your room should fit under:
Casual home design: This design involves a comfortable and cozy look and feel that's also simple in nature. Oftentimes, wood and solid colors or classic patterns like buffalo checks are ideal for these types of spaces. 
Modern home design: This look involves furniture and decorative elements that have sharp, angular shapes. Pieces, including both furniture and décor, are often made with colder materials like leather and metals.
Country-style homes: These types of homes have softer, more traditional furniture pieces featuring paint or light-colored wood, large windows, floral wallpaper and decorative pieces.
Antique homes: These homes feature dark woods and ornate wood-made furniture pieces. Great decorative pieces for this style often include old clocks and other antique items, as well as furniture manufactured with dark woods in traditional styles.

3. Update Your Wall Décor
After deciding on a color scheme and style, you can then choose the colors for your walls by selecting different wall art or other decorative items. You might choose functional items like mirrors, shelves or hooks, as well as pieces of art that go with your color scheme and style.

4. Update Your Lighting
To brighten up your space or improve the lighting in darker rooms, make it a point to buy new lamps and ceiling light fixtures that fit with your new style. Look for decorative lamps that give the room charm and character. Additionally, choose lights made with bright, LED bulbs that will make the most of your lighting pieces.

5. Find Furniture That Opens Up Your Space
Choose different pieces of furniture that optimize the space, including items that feature drawers or cabinets for storage space. You could choose a bed frame that has drawers for under-the-bed storage, wardrobes or dressers with roomy spaces for clothing, and living room entertainment centers with plenty of shelving and cabinets for your family’s video game equipment, board games, books and more.
Cost-Effective Ways to Redesign Your Home
During the redesign of a specific room or your entire home, you'll need to pick out new or existing furniture to help liven things up and that complements your new style. If costs are a deciding factor, know that retailers like Jerome's offer financing options on new furniture pieces as well as free home delivery. Knowing all this, find entire living room, dining and bedroom sets that best suit your design style.

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