Treehoppers Overview and Giveaway

Have you ever heard of treehoppers if you know right now is your opportunity to win four tickets to this park in Dade City Florida. What exactly is treehoppers it is a different obstacle courses you go through and zip line across the park. They have different obstacles you can go through everything from beginner to intermediate and even advanced. This is something great to take the whole family to not just the adults them but children as well.

Everyone is secure with harnesses are on their body so no need to worry about falling or hurting yourself. This is a place to go and have a good time and enjoy time with family and friends. This is something you can do during the day or even at night.

So many different things for everyone and something for everyone. If you're wanting to experience this opportunity that everyone can enjoy please enter my giveaway below and you could be the winner of four tickets. You have to live in the Florida/Dade city area or driving distance.

Enter on the widget below.

Tree Hoppers Dade City Florida Four Tickets

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