Summer Essentials Guide 2019

Get ready it's that time of year again summer is fast approaching and if you're looking to promote your company and get the word out about your summer products please take interest in my summer essentials guide. What exactly is a summer essentials guide?? A summer essentials guide is basically companies that would like to promote their summer products that maybe they are new or maybe just people don't know about yet. That's where your company comes in I can promote and advertise on my blog and social media's.

There is a variety of different items that can be promoted on my summer essentials guide. Such items include but not limited to are.

* Pool Accessories 
* Beach Towels
* Beverages Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic 
* Snacks
* Sunglasses 
* Swimwear
* Sunscreen 
* Beach Bag
* Shoes "Sandals, Flipflops
* Water Balloons 
* Hats
* SelfTan Lotion/ After Sun Lotion 
* Floats/ Water Accessories 
* Makeup
* And so much more..

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