May Nadine West Monthly Bag Review

Another month another bag I am so excited to tell you about the items I received from Nadine west this month a lot of great items. This box was a mixup between items I really enjoyed and some items not so much. Just remember not everything you're going to receive you're probably going to like but the good thing about that is you can return what you don't want. So this month I received 14 different items a mixup between clothing and jewelry. I'm going to tell you about what I really loved and some things that just weren't my taste. 

I received a mixture between casual and dressy items and I'm gonna go ahead and tell you a little about each one the first item I received is this dressy top that was tan in color and had pockets on both breasts. This tan shirt is by the company DNA and has three gold buttons going down and two side zipper pocket on each breast. This sure is more on the dressier side and would be perfect for someone who works in an office that has to dress up. It would match perfectly with some slacks or a skirt. This wouldn't be something that I would choose for myself however it is super cute and would look great on someone that has this sort of clothing type. This was in a size medium. This shirt also has quarter inch sleeves that are buttoned up and in the material is really soft.

The next item I want to tell you about these Capri jeggings in black denim I am actually really loving these they fit really snug and nice on me. Which is very difficult because it's hard for me to find clothing especially jeans that fit well. The reason being is I am really small and don't have much of a butt but these are definitely a winner. They are so stretchy and comfortable and expand so if you're going out for the day and eating and stuff they're still going to be super comfortable even when you're full. 

The next I am at is this cute casual top it is navy and white striped I got this in a size blank but I should've got it in a size smaller. I am still loving this top it is super adorable and comfy and I love how it hangs off the shoulder. I would definitely keep this The only thing is the size other than that it is a winner in my book. You can dress this up with a pair of cute Jeans or maybe even shorts. Either way, it's a cute top for all year round. The brand is Zenana

The next item is this super cute gray top this top has singeing on both sides. This top actually felt like it fit a little bit snug on me. I do like it but you can see my muffin top. I think if I would've got a size larger it would have been a little better. This is from the brand and like I said this would be something that is my style but I would definitely go up a size in the shirt. Bozzolo

The next item is this gray or ribbed knee-length skirt it would be perfect for a work day or to wear to church. This is something that I would not choose to wear every day however this would be the perfect addition to my wardrobe for church. The skirt is very soft and not itchy or anything against the skin I like it. 

Another great item is this a knee-length tan and black skirt that has this abstract print I think that is what you call it. But I really do like this pattern and I really do like the skirt again I am not so much of a skirt person every day but this is perfect for church to pair up with the perfect top. It is also very soft and feels great up against the skin this skirt is by the company DNA.

The next item is these super cute summery red looking shorts that have an Aztec print design on them. I am really loving the short do you have to have the right kind of top to wear them but it is definitely a summer staple with a pair of sandals. I received these in a size medium however I have noticed I am normally a medium in size from 5 to 7 however the way the shorts fit I would definitely go down to a size small. Now I am very tiny frame and have no butt but I do have hips. But it just seems like the mediums are way too big for me. No this is just my opinion on what works for me could work different or new. This is something I would definitely keep but I would go down a size for sure. The brand of the shorts are Shosho

And last but not least is this mustard looking top it is almost a quarter inch sleeve and a very flattering. I love the way it fits and will definitely be wearing this a lot whether it's with shorts, jeans, dress pants, any way you want to wear this top would look amazing. Now I would wear something underneath just because it is a little transparent again it wouldn't hurt to go down a size in this top. The brand of the company is hippie chic in a size medium.

Now onto the jewelry, I received quite a few pieces earrings, necklace, and bracelet. The first one I'm going to tell you about is the earrings are by the icon collection is or a different type of earrings they almost look like silver ropes intertwined together these earrings are absolutely beautiful you could wear them with really dressy clothes or casual clothes you wear every day. They are not heavy at all and very lightweight where they won't way down your ears.

The bracelet is super cute and I love the charm on it that says you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. You could wear this bracelet again just like the earrings with you dress up going out to eat fancy dinner or just casual wear some shorts and a T-shirt. This bracelet is made very well it is very durable and is not going to break on you.

The necklace Live, love, laughs, this necklace is super adorable and comes in a gold and silver tone. This necklace is perfect for any age I am letting my daughter have this one because she really liked it and I think it looks adorable on her. This necklace is made very well the plate is pretty heavy. And I love the saying on it.

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