Stepping into Fall with Thirty-One Products Review

Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

I can't wait to tell you about these products from Thirty-One that I was able to review for the fall season. Fall is fast approaching and I want to tell you about a few items I was able to review and test out for their fall collection. The first item I was able to review was there call me crossbody Twill stripe cross body bag and there are other item is there thermal tote forest friends.

First I wanna tell you about the thermal tote in the forest friends design. This design actually caught my eye right away I absolutely love owls and anything to do with nature but of course, owls are my favorite. So when I saw this product I thought it would be perfect for me starting a new job and taking my lunch to work in this. This thermal tote retails for $18.00 and has a zipper closure, exterior pockets, with the handles, thermal lining, made of polyester, and can even be personalized and monogrammed with your choice of wording. I am really loving this tote it is actually bigger than what i expected it holds a lot. This is the perfect size for picnics, going to work, or maybe just a trip to the beach. This is also easy to clean as well just wipe the sides with a wet cloth and it comes clean very easily. This would be a perfect item as a gift for someone or maybe a Christmas gift. The holidays are fast approaching and I'm sure you would know someone that would love these items make sure to check it out.

The next item I want to tell you about is the call me crossbody twill stripe cross body purse. This purse retails for $38.00 I am absolutely loving it I carry this around with me at all times and it has enough slots to carry all my cards, cash, lip gloss, pen, and can even hold yourself phone as well. Even the bigger cell phones like that iPhone 7+ and 8+ which has a lot of space. This crossbody bag is nice to carry around if you're going to a theme parks, concerts, or just a trip to the mall. I know there have been times where I have carried a heavy purse around through the mall and wish I had something smaller. And that's where this crossbody will come into play. I am absolutely loving it.

This crossbody has a beautiful design I am loving the simplicity of this and the design is very classic. It pretty much matches anything you wear and goes with anything whether you're dressing casually or dressing up. They have these crossbodies have different designs so I would highly recommend checking them out to see what design catches your eye. 

This cross body is perfect for me and I absolutely love it.

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