LED Reading light 4000K Rechargeable Seven LED Book Light Review

Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

This LED reading light is great for reading at night when others are asleep and this can be discreet so it doesn't wake other people up and disturb them. This light is 4000 K rechargeable and has two levels of brightness.  This light doesn't flicker or cause you to strain after a long time reading it has a low setting with four LEDs and is great to use at night so you're not disturbing anyone around you. This light is rechargeable and charges up in two hours for that quick charging this is great to use with clip-on bookmark and holder.

It also has 360 degrees of rotating flexible design with adjustable twist up tube which has an anti-slip silicon pad. This light that has a clamp that can also hold your book in place like a bookmark which is great because then you won't need a bookmark to hold your spot. Have you ever had a bookmark hold your spot in the book just for it to fall out of your book? It's happened before and with this light, everything is secure and in place.

My mom was an avid reader she would have loved this book light so now every time I use it I will think of her. I wish I read books more but don't read like I should but this light will become helpful with magazines as well. If you like to read and look at magazines why not us it for this as well? The two settings help you with others around you. It has anti skid pads to help grip the paper. It would also be great to clip on a notebook if you are reading at night and can't see in the dark this would be a great attachment on your notebook and or magazine.

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